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How do I know if I am correctly insured?
That is why cover should be sought through a broker like Provincial. We are professionals in the Insurance Industry and it is our job to get you the best cover for the best price, provide you with advice, and insure you are correctly insured. Contact one of our brokers today for advice on how to correctly insure your your valuable assets.

How do I make a claim?
Contact one of our friendly Claims Specialists on 06 370 0450 or via email at [email protected] We will advise if your event is claimable and guide you through the process.

How long will it take for my claim to be settled?
This can depend on your type of loss, who you are insured with, and the provision of information required to settle the loss. The most important thing is for us to get your completed claim form as soon as possible (we will send this to you or help you complete it here in our office if you prefer), because your claim often can not be progressed until this is done.

Who is responsible for quantifying my claim?
Proving and quantifying a loss rests with the insured, although an insurer will often assist in this by appointing an assessor. An assessor would normally only be appointed on larger, or more complex type of losses. Contact one of our Claims Specialists for further information and advice on how to quantify your claim.

My child is learning to drive, are they covered by my insurance?
Please always ring to ensure that your policy provides cover for this. As insurers often have different policy requirements in this respect. Depending on the type of vehicle and conditions applied to your policies. If your child is under 25 you need to check with us to make sure you don't have an under 25 exclusion on your policy. This could have been taken by you for a policy discount, or applied by the insurer, due to the type of vehicle being insured. With under 25 year olds driving a vehicle a higher excess will always apply. All policies also have conditions and exclusions relating to the driving of the vehicle and the driver adhering to license conditions applicable.