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Providing Total Insurance Solutions.

Green Fields
Rural Insurance

Working on the land brings many rewards – but just as many risks.  As a farm owner, you’re vulnerable to flood and storms that can destroy livestock or damage your buildings and other property; machinery breakdown which can cost you time and money; or even a claim from a guest injured on your property.  That’s why Rural insurance can help protect your farm and its produce, and the well-being of you, your family and the people that pass through your property.

Commercial Insurance

Provincial Insurance Brokers understands the vital contribution businesses make to New Zealand's growth and prosperity. We also understand that, while operating a business brings with it great opportunities for personal and business wealth, it also brings many challenges and responsibilities.

Life Insurance

How will you or your family manage in the event of your death, permanent disability or critical illness?  From Life Insurance to Income Protection with the right cover, relief from financial stress is available.

Health Insurance

Depending on the type of cover chosen, having private health insurance means you can get access to specialist consultations, diagnostic procedures, scans and private surgery, avoiding lengthy public health waiting lists. 

Domestic Insurance

Provincial Insurance Brokers can provide a tailored Domestic Insurance Package to suit your needs. We have access to a wide range of insurers that offer comprehensive cover & competitive pricing.

Travel Insurance

When you're travelling, small problems can land you in big trouble. Unexpected medical bills, missing luggage, delayed flights and cancellation prior to travel are some of the things that you just can't plan for.  

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