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Investment Advice

​How you invest, what you invest in, and when you invest will contribute to your success in building the most efficient net worth over your lifetime. Irrespective of where you are in life, there is always advice required to help you to the next stage in building wealth.

At times people find this subject too hard, so avoid it. We will show you simple ways to get started and/or assist you to move from where you are now. Once you are underway, we will provide you with a constant flow of financial literacy updates, so you become better informed to make smarter investment decisions.

We will take you through an investment risk tolerance process that will help you understand your investing personality and risk appetite/tolerance. At the conclusion of this step, you will then know what types of investment will be suitable and what you will not be attracted too.

There are numerous investment opportunities that Provincial Wealth like to consider on your behalf while in the synthesis stage of our recommendations to you. The design and construction of the investment strategies we suggest will be in sync with your lifetime goals, your financial personality, your cash flow capacity, and sustainability. KiwiSaver and Superannuation funds need a lot of attention from an investment specialist, to make sure you are maximising this investment opportunity. We will analyse your existing accounts and where necessary, suggest how you can better position such asset(s) for enhanced growth and security.

Direct property investment is included in our investment considerations so that you can also decide whether you utilize the equity you have in other properties you own. Dave Lucas works closely with developers and renown building firms to deliver quality real estate opportunities for your consideration.

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