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Planning in the latter years

When you engage with Provincial Wealth to deliver your retirement adequacy plan, you will be led through a well  proven six step process. This six-step process will provide you with a clear strategy plan and lead you on the right pathway to the lifestyle choices you desire in life.

Leading into your retirement it is important you have assets other than just your family home. We emphasise the importance to not be reliant on the NZ Superannuation payment as your sole means of income during your retirement years. The superannuation payments are always subject to change and do no offer you a secure or adequate means of living in the +65 lifecycle.

There are a range of different options both before you retire and during the latter years that are available to you. Before retirement include saving or investing through different well diversified managed funds, direct share and bond portfolios, direct residential and commercial property investments etc. In retirement you may well continue with a number of these asset classes, providing they suit your risk tolerance profile.

In the years beyond working, you will best be supported with a well-designed cash flow plan, emergency savings, asset liquidity, protection of your important assets, health insurance and reliable income.

When you undergo a retirement adequacy plan, we will help you create the foundation to start your journey to living comfortably in your later years. Like any plan in life, your goals can become a reality so long as you are willing to put in place a ‘plan’ and follow the action steps recommended.

Provincial Wealth can help you establish the plan which will include what savings, investment strategies, assets that are right for you and backed up with prudent adviser monitoring.

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