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KiwiSaver is a New Zealand work-based saving scheme set up by the Government to promote and maintain a voluntary savings pattern.

In New Zealand, KiwiSaver savings are made up of your contributions, your employers’ contributions, and contributions from the government. The investment scheme looks to help Kiwis build a steady savings account which they may then use when buying a first home and eventually their retirement savings.

A wide range of schemes are offered by multiple KiwiSaver providers who are all registered with the Financial Markets Authority. KiwiSaver investors can opt into any of the provided schemes of their choosing at any time and are also able to change schemes as they find necessary. Different fund manager schemes offer a variety of investment choice and attract different fees and investment returns.

There are over two million Kiwis registered into a KiwiSaver scheme and taking advantage of the generous Government and employer incentives available to them. This helps give their first home and retirement savings a boost while still maintaining their own automated payments. We understand that with a locked retirement and first home investment this can also bring an assortment of questions, especially regarding scheme selection, fund performance and much more.

Provincial Wealth are your KiwiSaver specialists.

Whether you have questions regarding your current KiwiSaver scheme, or you are potentially looking to sign yourself up with a KiwiSaver, we can provide you with the Financial Intelligence to help you enrich your journey to happiness in wealth. It is important to remember that when it comes to your KiwiSaver investment, identifying clear goals and following a savings plan can be the difference in saving just enough, or living comfortably, especially when thinking of your retirement.

We utilize the investment research provided by the global investment research house Morningstar and they make public a quarterly KiwiSaver research survey document. This identifies the overall past performance of KiwiSaver as well as a commentary on the different findings from the previous quarter. Other research, such as investment manager philosophy, methodology and styles are considered in our advice to you.

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